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Narration Voiceover

If it involves the human voice, we are the San Francisco Bay Area's best choice. Conveniently located in Marin County, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, we are easy to get to from any direction. But for many of our services, you don't need to be here physically. Thanks to a variety of connection methods including ISDN, you can be located anywhere in the world while your voice talent is in our studio. You hear everything that is being recorded and direct your talent accordingly. You'll receive high quality audio in real-time. If ISDN is unavailable at your location, you'll achieve a similar result by directing your session via telephone patch or Skype, and your audio recordings will be delivered to you via the internet immediately following the session.

IVR / Voice Prompts



  • Persona development
  • Script preparation
  • Talent casting for a variety of languages
  • Voice recording
  • Editing
  • File naming
  • Encoding into most audio formats

While in some respects recording for IVR is like any other voice-over session. We have seen rapid development in voice response applications where the recorded voice can have a productive conversation with the caller. We are experts in managing the production of concatenated speech and maintaining the consistency of a “human” feel across an application. Careful attention is paid to pitch and tone of the voice, consistency of levels, energy, persona, inflection and many other nuances of speech.

We have proven success working with User Experience (UX) departments to produce professional voice recordings used in IVR applications for companies of all sizes (including many Fortune 500) as well as federal and state governments.


Narration Voiceover



  • Translation
  • Multilingual voice talent casting
  • Recording and editing in any language
  • Multilingual producers
  • Video subtitling

Our team is fluent in foreign language recording and localization. We support all major languages and dialects. We have the expertise and native speaking voice talent for most languages and also provide professional translation services.

No matter where you are in the world, the recording process couldn't be easier or more convenient. You can simply direct your sessions remotely via telephone, Skype or ISDN. Or, leave it to our producers and talent to bring your writen script to life. Upon completion, we will edit, master and deliver your recordings via FTP or any alternative method you specify.

Narration Voiceover



  • Removal of noise and improving intelligibility
  • Restoration of damaged recordings
  • Enhancement of suspect/witness interviews and surveillance recordings.
  • Video enhancement and subtitling
  • Transfer and clean up records and tapes


With over 24 years of experience in audio restoration and enhancement, we have served a variety of clients including The San Francisco District Attorney’s office, San Francisco Police, The US Department of Justice (US Customs, US Marshal Service, and Park Police) and more. We use state of the art software and equipment and adhere to the highest quality standards.

Narration Voiceover



Record an interview or podcast with your guest in the studio, on the telephone, Skype or over digital patch (ISDN). Our studio is specifically designed to be a comfortable and professional interview environment.

Narration Voiceover


  • Editing
  • Sound design
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Audio sweetening for video
  • Video editing
  • Video file convertion to any format


As a full service facility we insure that we meet the highest quality by offering accurate, and creative professional post production services. From music mastering to mixing sound for film, we can help you achieve the high quality standards that your project deserves.